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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A farm with rural accommodation in the middle of the island of Fuerteventura, where the colour of the sunrise awakens the animals and nature. 

The owners...

Pepe, Doramas and Magdalena, are a great family who have taken forward this project of conservation and protection of the territory with a totally Eco Sustainable house and making it the only rural house on the island with agrotourism and farm.

Doramas, the new generation and worker of the land, begins his routine at 5 in the morning feeding the animals, working in their fields of olive trees, vines and fruit trees, from which they extract the wine, liquors, oil.... Whenever you want to see through their eyes the experience of the countryside, the animals and the rural essence of Fuerteventura, you can accompany them in their routine and they will tell you a thousand and one stories.

The uniqueness of the space...

The architecture of the houses writes the history of Fuerteventura on its walls and its antiquity as a manor house, since, in the centre, there is a traditional patio where you can stop and observe all the tools and historical objects that decorate the exteriors like a museum, while the family, if you want, explains to you what they are or were used for.

At Agroturismo La Gayría there are 3 independent houses where you can stay in complete privacy and comfort and the amazing thing is that each one has its own history. Casa El Yugo dates back to the 18th century and was the outbuildings where the cochineal was kept. The Casa El Arado was a blacksmith's shop where all the animals of the municipality were shod. The Casa El Injerto is dedicated to the ingenuity of man, since in times of drought this tool was created to be able to plough with a cow and a donkey.

There is a different feeling in each one of them.

The surrounding space...

Being surrounded by 5000 metres of history in its estate... how not to feel the interior of an island here...

It is a place full of sensations and, if you want, of contact with the experiences of agriculture and animals. Here, you can freely taste the fruits of their trees, collect eggs from the hens, milk the goats, interact with the donkeys, taste the Gofio, walk among vines and olive trees, or enjoy tastings of liqueurs and wine watching the sunset.

If you like this experience of a return to childhood, natural foods and simple conversations, you won't get bored.

If you want to cool off there is also a swimming pool for when you return from your visit to the island or to relax whenever you want.

There is a lookout next to the house, the volcano of Gayría, which will take you through its routes to interesting places of view, landscape and recent lavas for the island .... a place of importance for the aborigines.

This place, located in Tiscamanita, is rich in natural, gastronomic and local resources that its owners will recommend you. 

A place on the island to...

Disconnect from the city, from the routine of life, to reconnect with your childhood in the village.

This place in the middle of nature allows us to be in contact with the recent volcanoes, to know more about it and, above all, to enjoy it.

You can enjoy getting to know the Majorero Donkey Conservation Project that is carried out in this space. 

The owners of this area are experts in agriculture and livestock or the management of resources such as water and energy. You will learn a lot about it. 

Ideal place for families, children and adults will love to run around and participate in the activities on the farm, in the swimming pool or at the barbecue.

Groups will enjoy an extraordinary space to celebrate their events. Groups of cyclists, hikers, ecotourism activities. 

When you visit, you will feel...

That a large part of the nature of Fuerteventura is shown in its surroundings, that, listening, we can close our eyes and know where we are, we do not get lost, we recognise it...

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Waste management with recycling in households.

Water saving devices on taps and toilets.

Recommendations to local markets, restaurants and bakeries.

Sustainable energy management: 300 litre solar water heaters.

Tastings and tastings of local and organic products.

Sustainable Water Management: It has a Chicago Mill for the extraction of water from the subsoil.

  Water management: desalination plant powered by renewable energies, reuse of grey or black water.

Promotes sustainable mobility through information and dissemination of nearby walks and trails.

Promotes the conservation of local fauna and flora, regular planting and the existence of green areas.

Sustainable Rural Space maintaining its respect and coherence with the natural environment.

Energy Management: Autonomy on the electricity grid (by means of 20 kW connected to the grid).

Organisation and participation in local events and folklore, grape harvests, olive harvesting...


  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport

30 Km

Leisure and culture

  • Town centre : Tiscamanita 0,2 Kms
  • Interpretation Centre: Molino de Tiscamanita Mill
  • Village of Tuineje and its Church of San Miguel 
  • Cultural surroundings of Pájara and its church  
  • Historical village of Betancuria    
  • House of Cheese          
  • Museum of Majorero Cheese in Antigua 
  • Agricultural landscape with mills, mills, gavias and wells.



  • Caldera de Gayría Natural Monument   
  • Protected Landscape Malpaís Grande    
  • Protected Landscape Malpaís Chico      
  • Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument   
  • Betancuria Rural Park       
  • Close to protected bird areas ZEPA, ZEC and IBAS.
  • Close to guirrera (wild feeding area of the Guirre Majorero).
  • Close to nature trails and famous footpaths.
  • Near beaches: 
    • Pozo Negro 21 Kms
    • Ajuy 20 Kms
    • Gran Tarajal 18 kms