Twinkle Trust Cats Volunteering

Twinkle Trust Cats Volunteering

Twinkle is a small UK registered charity dedicated to helping feral and abandoned cats on Fuerteventura. We seek to alleviate the suffering and ensure the welfare of abandoned and stray cats. Our main function is to humanely treat the feral cat population through treatment and neutering.

Since 1995, Twinkle has travelled to Fuerteventura from England to carry out sterilisation campaigns to help abandoned and stray cats. Twinkle carry out large scale neutering programmes several times a year, plus we are neutering cats or calling us to emergencies on an almost daily basis.

We are all volunteers and as such are not paid, but we do what we do because we have respect and love for animals and we know that each of us can make a big difference to every cat we can reach.

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