Fuerteventura Rural Network

For many years, the island's Rural Tourism Associations have been working to make visible another model of development and tourism that protects the rural environment.

Since 2016, with the collaboration and support of the Biosphere Reserve, we have managed to unite the two associations into one, around the same purpose and the Local Brand. Today we are more than 50 activities and accommodations in Fuerteventura united for the same purpose and without profit.

How does this network work?

You can join in three ways depending on your level of interaction or awareness:


1. Promote yourself for free on this page

By making yourself visible on this page you will not only be discovered and known by the visitors and inhabitants of Fuerteventura, but you will probably find out many more things you didn't know about yourself and your business by being part of this sustainable community. We will advise you on your profile and help you to improve and discover your potential.

2. Join the Fuerteventura Rural Network

It is a non-profit association where we share, dialogue, establish priorities of the sector and work in unison to be able to transfer these needs in a professional way.

3. Certificating with the Local Brand

Remember that the Biosphere Reserve Brand is not a badge, but a tool for individual and collective improvement as a destination. It is a free tool that works on your improvement as a service, your commitment to culture, community, environment and sustainability for everyone.

We help you:

Are you an accommodation or future accommodation?

If you have a house and you would like to rehabilitate it to dedicate it to rural tourism, or if you are a villa or holiday home and you would like to distinguish yourself within the categories of rural houses, emblematic or rural hotels, you can call us without any problem.

We will advise you on the "paperwork" and analyse your qualities so that you can take the step and distinguish yourself professionally.

It is free to promote yourself on the site.

¿Eres una empresa de actividades, artesano, productor local? 

You can enter with the Fuerteventura Rural Pass & Greener Act to collaborate with the Accommodation Network and have visibility on this platform in the activities tab. You only have to meet certain requirements of sustainability and tourist commitments.

In the future we will bring you closer to the Fuerteventura Biosphere & Rural Quality Brand.

It is free to promote yourself on the site.

I want to get certified with the Local Brand Biosphere Reserve

We will visit you and after an initial diagnosis, we will advise you and draw up a personalised Action Plan based on the Good Practices Manual and a Voluntary Agreement.

We will certify you and in a period of one year, you will be certified and will be able to use the Local Brand and benefit from the image and tools of the Network. We will work on your service excellence, good environmental practices and link to culture for two years.

We will have calls during the year. The programme is free of charge.

Why is a Local Brand necessary?

Because it gives us value and helps us to preserve and believe in these values of Majorero identity, because it helps us to digitalise, to unite similar initiatives in a Cooperation Network, to geolocate them, making it easier for visitors and inhabitants to find us. The certification of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve, Rural Quality and Ecotourism Brand is about to join the National Brand of the National Network of Spanish Biosphere Reserves recognised by UNESCO.

What do you need to do? 5 STEPS


1. Make sure you know your values that are your essence towards sustainability. Don't worry. We will help you to become more and more conscious and better.

2. To love and believe in this commitment to the local and to the planet through collaboration with the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve, the National Reserve Network and UNESCO.

3. Along the way, we'll work on these 5 Action Points to help your business, the island and conscious visitors deliver the value.

4.Our symbol will be the Fuerteventura Rural Pass which, as well as being a commercial tool, is the union of the entire FUERTEVENTURA RURAL NETWORK.

5. Fill in the survey here:  https://bit.ly/FichadeempresasReservadelaBiosferaFuerteventuraRural

We hope to see you soon among all of us! If you have any further questions, please write to us at info@fuerteventurarural.org



  • We provide you with all the data, technical specifications, photographs, etc., of the accommodation and activities that appear on this page so that you can market them on your channels.
  • We advise you on the destination, routes, regulations and places of cultural interest. We work hand in hand with associations, public cultural and environmental organisations.
  • We provide you with any other contacts you may need on the island, we all know each other here!
  • We help you to create tailor-made packages to visit Fuerteventura in a specialised and respectful way. The trendy places of interest that appear in the social networks are often fragile places with regulations that you should know beforehand.
  • We are not for profit. We have been in the sector for years. We know and love Fuerteventura.
  • We will help you professionally with all the information you need and we will be happy to show you the magic of the island's interior!

For any other questions, please write to us at turismosostenible@fuerteventurarural.org