Avanfuer Environmental Volunteering

Avanfuer Environmental Volunteering

Since 2006, AVANFUER volunteers have been collaborating with the project "Reintroduction of the Caretta caretta turtle in the Canary Islands", supporting the public administrations in all activities related to the conservation of the "loggerhead turtle" in Fuerteventura.

Other activities we carry out are:

Organisation of volunteer training days, children's environmental education workshops, beach cleaning campaigns, etc.

Publicising and raising awareness of the Association's socio-environmental objectives.

Volunteer programmes and professional internships.

Studies and technical or research work related to the aims of the Association.

Educational programmes in the different subjects related to the social object of the association.

Training for the Cultural and Environmental Volunteers of Fuerteventura. Campaign: "Forming Volunteers, Adding Hope".

Volunteering for the integration of families, children, women and disabled people in nature.

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