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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

On the island of Fuerteventura a house recognized as the oldest rural house, which preserves and treasures much of the original architecture of the eighteenth and nineteenth century houses of the time.

Its owners...

Juan Tomás is the owner of this old house, as he says, he is a former professional in the hotel business, he takes care of everything to make sure that everything is perfect for you. He loves to leave you flowers, fruit or local details whenever he has them.

In that house everything is, as it was, everything remains as it was and you will even find his grandmother's words written, when you open the wardrobe in the ground floor bedroom from the early 20th century.

The uniqueness of the space...

Built with stone and mud in the year 1800, Casa Andresito was restored in 2002 and re-equipped in 2006 for a better quality of rural tourist service on the island.

The rooms with their traditional stone walls, lintels and wooden ceilings, keep the perfect temperature and acoustics during the day and night and are decorated and dotted with historical objects that Juan Tomás will be happy to explain to you.

A courtyard paved with Canarian stone, walled and sheltered, with a view through its wooden gate to village life, protects a shady wooden pergola to a large table for sitting, lunch or dinner.

A space that is ideal for achieving a feeling of absolute privacy behind the walls of the house.

The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms... are spacious, and whitewashed in the traditional way as it has always been in the past.

Surrounding space...

Located on the edge of the village of Pájara, it does not seem between those mountains that you are in the municipality with more coastline of Spain 150 km, of which 70 km are beaches. A wonderful place to enjoy the inland, its picturesque village of trees, ravine beds, bars and restaurants and its wonderful church of Cultural Interest with its mysterious façade.

It is also, due to its proximity and its history, a neighbour of very important enclaves in the beginning of the post-conquest history of the island.

It is also a short distance from the sea in Ajuy, a fishing village where you can taste fresh specialities and where the conquistadors first entered the island.

A place on the island to...

Casa Rural Andresito is undoubtedly a village experience, to feel life in the countryside and to feel like your ancestors and those of this family when they lived in rural areas.

At Casa Andresito you can enjoy a stay with sustainable transport, a few days of love with your partner, a basket of fresh organic products, a walk through an inland village with a special charm, buses arrive every day to visit it.

Experience the feeling of walking to the village bakery to buy bread, start talking to the person who attends you in a few days and feel as if you lived there.

The space also offers you a quiet environment to work, Nómada Digital, a private garden with pergola and table and an access gate to the house that you can leave open to feel like you are in Pájara. It also offers accessibility on the ground floor for people with mobility problems.

Collaborate and enjoy the real Fuerteventura by staying and enjoying the local businesses, Fuerteventura and its people will thank you for it.

When you visit, you will feel...

That the stories of the villages, sounds and experiences are kept intact in this house and municipality.

The landscapes envelop you in these mountains like a haven of tranquillity.

The spaciousness of the rooms and the antique details of the courtyard and entrance suggest a very different lifestyle to the one you are used to, and you will really feel .... that you would love to come back and live in a house like this.

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Waste management: recycling in the home.

Ethnographic values and historical objects of interest.

Sustainable Mobility. promotes footpaths and places of interest in the village.

Good public transport links, bus stop nearby.

Welcome details with local products (in season).

Sustainable energy management: low energy appliances and LED lights.


  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport

40.6 Km


Leisure and culture

  • In the centre of Pajara with services such as supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants ....
  • Nearby towns like Tuineje and Tiscamanita
  • Church Nuestra Señora de La Regla of Pajara
  • Landscape and astronomical viewpoints like Melindragay and Sicasumbre
  • Village of Vega de Rio Palmas 
  • Pilgrimage chapel and church of the Virgen de la Peña, Vega de Río Palmas, patron saint of the island.
  • Villa de Betancuria and its architectural ensemble and services.
  • Nearby cheese dairies and in the Villa de Betancuria


  • Caves of Ajuy and the geology of this oldest place on the island and one of the fewest on the islands.
  • Montaña del Cardon Natural Monument
  • Natural Park of Jandia,
  • Rural Park of Betancuria
  • Landscapes, close to Cofete, close to volcanic areas Malpais Grande and Calderas Volcanicas, summits and routes, Zonas Zepa, Embalse de las Peñitas, La Pared.
  • Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña, Vega Rio and Villa de Betancuria.
  • Access to famous routes and trails of the island.
  • ZEPA, IBAS and special protection bird area as well as endemic fauna and protected species.
  • Beaches nearby
    • Ajuy 10 km
    • Gran Tarajal 21 km
    • Costa Calma 32 km