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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A rural house in the village of El Roque, a charming village, with streets with melodic sounds and beautiful details in the windows, which lead you between its streets to the white walls and its painted mural of the Rural House Tile. 

Its owners...

Several generations of the Mesa family have lived here and now they want you to enjoy it as one more, as they enjoyed watching their family build this place.      

Luis, one of the family members and manager, invites us to visit this house, you will feel the illusion and continuous work, the houses reflect the love and freshness of the "new" Fuerteventura. 

The owners have a vision of the future and creativity that drives them to create a space like this.

The family also run the VerdeAurora Bio Farm where Aloe Vera, olive oil and local produce are grown and extracted. Among their welcome details, you will meet them.

The uniqueness of the space...

A traditional majorera house, which combines the old architecture with modern comforts, decoration and qualities in the bedrooms, and facilities that make it especially comfortable.

The house preserves with its traditional walls its ancient fortress and pays great attention to detail and quality. It is a house with great privacy and plenty of light to enjoy extraordinary moments within its walls.

Its central courtyard, for example, has a corner where water was traditionally kept and next to it a modern pool to cool off in, which you can see through the huge glass window of the kitchen-living room. This quality of mixing the old with the modern makes it very special.

The surrounding space...

Casa Tile is located halfway between La Oliva and the nearby turquoise or wild beaches of Cotillo, a place where you can enjoy the traditional life of Fuerteventura.

You can walk along the promenade or go by bike, being the closest rural house to the sea in the whole network.

A place on the island to...

Enjoying the beach from a more intimate, village and rural approach... if you have already been to the island and you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist centres.

A place to enjoy village life, a quiet village close to areas of the island with alternative movements such as Lajares and Cotillo. 

A place that invites you to sustainable tourism as you can move around easily by bicycle in the surroundings. 

It is ideal for travellers looking to connect with the land, surrounded by cultivated land and wide areas of pastures, trails, horse riding farm..., and connect with the sea thanks to companies dedicated to activities such as kayaking, surfing....

When you visit, you will feel...

A space for the ear to feel at home, a quiet village, a village of calm, in Pueblo El Roque and Casa Tile the sounds are equivalent to a space of harmony, even a space of rest with the sound of the sea in the background. 

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Use of treated water for irrigation

Sustainable water management: dosing system in taps.

Responsible information of the island's information and small library.

Sustainable energy management. Photovoltaic panels with 70% sustainable energy, 30% fossil. 

Welcome details with local products (in season) or local trade.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Promotes outdoor lighting with Starlight Reserve criteria.

Waste management: In-house recycling

No noise pollution

  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport 

43 Km

Leisure and culture

  • Nearby towns, Cotillo 0,700 km
  • Cotillo is an area of services and leisure with restaurants, cafes, supermarkets... and seafaring character.
  • Water sports centres such as surfing, diving...
  • Traditions market of natural and organic products every Tuesday and Friday in La Oliva.
  • Cultural environment of La Oliva with La Casa de Los Coroneles, the Church of La Oliva, the Art Museum Casa Mané, the Museum of the Cilla ....
  • El Cotillo Fishing Museum
  • Lighthouse of El Tostón
  • El Tostón Castle
  • Guriamen de Villaverde Cheese Factory
  • Traditional festivities from February to November


  • Malpaís Caldera Encantada with volcanic cones such as Calderón Hondo.
  • Volcanic Landscape Malpaís de la Arena
  • The Cave of El Llano in Villaverde
  • Natural Monument of Tindaya
  • Trails and Routes nearby
  • Sporting events such as Marathon de Dunas, swimming crossing of Lobos, round the island by kayak, international surfing championships on the north coast of Majanicho...
  • Beaches:
    • El Cotillo beach 2.5 km
    • Corralejo Beach 20.5 Km