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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

The first rural hotel on the island, the first step towards tourism in inland Fuerteventura.

Its owners...

In the rural hotel Era de la Corte was born a very important person for the culture of the island, Andrés Rodríguez Berriel, a writer and researcher, who with his wife María Victoria, adopted daughter of Fuerteventura, decided to reform the house, which was acquired by his family more than a century ago.

Their 9 children have wanted to take over the baton for the third generation and reopened the doors of the hotel in 2017, giving it a modern, comfortable style and with a professionalism very open to love and respect for all kinds of lifestyles.

Thus, the new opened between the slots of the old, letting breathe the culture and affection that its owners wrapped.

The uniqueness of the space...

Its name derives from the place where the cereal threshing took place, called Era, and its location overlooks the gofio mill where wheat and barley were ground to make gofio and feed the family.

This is why this majestic house offers a glimpse into the historical past of Antigua, where tradition, culture and history come together. This union of house and historical place emerge as a historical experience where the two feed each other so that you experience in your accommodation a sense of inner fullness. 

Today, this historical past is mixed with a free and innovative spirit with the incorporation of a contemporary aesthetic.

All the rooms are classically decorated with a modern touch, with walls in warm tones and wooden furniture, leading you to an experience of calm and high quality that is kept in perfect condition thanks to the loving hands of María del Mar's daily care and attention to detail.

The heart of this rural hotel, apart from its owners, is the inspiring personality of its spacious interior lounge-library, the winter dining room, the conciliatory in-house kitchen, which can be used for cold dishes if desired, the homemade breakfast with local produce included, the swimming pool for the summer and an all-day tea area for relaxing or socialising with other guests overlooking the sunny and sheltered outside patio.

The space around you...

Strolling around the finca, native plants surround you, long-established Canarian palms, aloe vera plants and all manner of indigenous plants dotted with displays of tools and antiques at every turn, which once supported the family's farming and livestock raising on the island.

In these open spaces you can breathe clean air and enjoy an ideal environment.

A place on the island for...

The tranquillity, the silence and the accessibility to any place on the island, as it is in the centre of the island.

This rural hotel for adults only is the perfect place for a sunny getaway, to rest from routine, to spend a special weekend with your partner.

It is an ideal place to write or to detox from noise and technology or to listen to stories one afternoon or evening and share experiences and chats with David and Malole. 

Because of its dimensions it is ideal for a retreat with friends, yoga and reiki classes in its free wooden room or for small events, to organise something special, intimate and unforgettable.

It is a space that mysteriously makes you feel at home.

When you visit you will feel...

The beauty of its traditional architecture, the smell of home, the space of a family place, the smell of cake, tea and homemade jams. The love of the founders and the importance of culture in their books. The walls of this rural hotel exude a lot of tradition.

The door opens, Malole, the owner welcomes you, ...and you are at home.

You will continue... Era de la Corte

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Gardens with autochthonous species.

Homemade breakfast with local products.

Responsible awareness of water use.

Outdoor lighting according to Starlight Reserve criteria.

Responsible waste management: plastic, organic, glass, paper.

Responsible energy management: solar panels and energy saving lamps.

Local tastings: blackberry liqueurs, goat, gofio, cheese and spontaneous sharing of dinners.

Close to hiking and cycling trails and famous summits.

Support and advice on local trade and local produce.

Good access for people with reduced mobility

Outreach for conservation of local flora/fauna.

Cultural space and storytelling.

Sale of local crafts.

  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport

22 Km

Leisure and culture

  • Town centre: Antigua 0,700 kms.
  • Mini-market, bakeries, restaurants and cafés.      
  • Ecomuseum La Alcogida  
  • Viewpoint Morrovelosa    
  • Museum of Majorero Cheese of Antigua    
  • Salinas del Carmen Museum   
  • Doctor Mena House Museum   
  • San Pedro Alcántara Chapel Ampuyenta     
  • Villa de Betancuria Historical Centre   


  • Malpaís Grande 
  • Caldera Gayría Natural Monument    
  • Betancuria Rural Park   
  • Pozo Negro Beach 
  • Los Molinos Beach 
  • Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument   
  • Surrounded by Special Bird Area ZEPA and IBAS.
  • Close to core areas for observing the night sky.
  • Nearby beaches: 
    • Caleta de Fuste 18 kms
    • Playa Blanca 23 kms
    •  Ajuy 28 kms