Majorero Cheese Museum

Majorero Cheese Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of Fuerteventura

The Majorero Cheese Museum, located in the Molino de Antigua complex, offers visitors an exhibition area of more than 500 m² in several languages, with information on the Fuerteventura livestock and cheese culture, starting with the natural characteristics of the island, paying special attention to its fauna and flora.

The museum also delves into the Fuerteventuran goat as a unique breed with unique characteristics and, from there, it goes through the livestock and cheese-making activity from the aboriginal period to the present day.

This museum aims to be a link with the island itself, inviting you to travel through it with your eyes, immersing you in an adventure where you can discover everything related to the cheese-making tradition. 

On this visit you will undoubtedly rediscover the legacy of Majorcan history, you will learn how the ancient settlers knew how to make the most of all the resources.  

In addition to this cheese-making tradition, in this museum you will also discover El Molino de Antigua, part of the island's landscape and a sign of its identity, and its cactus garden. Don't miss it!