Tania López Photography

Tania López Photography

Tania López's photographic art is surprising.

Her style is deeply natural; down to earth, open and honest, a tour de force of life, depicted with that honesty that only a camera in good hands can offer.

His love of independence and innate curiosity are faithfully reflected in every image he captures.

According to her family, her passion for freedom and her deep curiosity about the world around her was evident from the age of three.

In fact, it is this same passion for autonomy that, in my opinion, most influences his photographic work.

Since he picked up his backpack at the age of seventeen and left home, he has never been far from his camera.

Her way of dealing with light, of finding new perspectives, of seeing the most propitious moment of a chance encounter and fixing it in time defines her.

Her goal: to transform the everyday into images of beauty and contemporary impact. Tania captures her images with empathy. A unique look of emotion, an unrepeatable gesture of a palm tree, of an old woman or a child, of a sea wave, the ephemeral traces of a windstorm or the plasticity of the human body, are images that she is able to capture with unusual artistic skill.

Each 'click' of her camera is a 'click' of profound creativity, a creativity that reveals her dedication to preserve, in a clearly aesthetic way and forever, those realities that surround us all but that few of us are able to 'see'.